Weekly Service

Pools and spas are typically serviced during the week on the same day each week. Mondays are reserved for doing repairs. Emergencies are handled on an as-needed basis.

Every pool and spa is different. They differ in size, shape and in depth and by the amount of time that they are exposed to the sun each day. They differ in how they are used; everyday or just on weekends. Some people use a lot of suntan oil; some use none. The quality of the external water source used to fill the pools and spas differs greatly between locations. Any and all of these factors make a difference on how a pool is serviced each week. The three most important things that we do each week when servicing are: (1) make sure that the water level in the pool and spa is adequate; (2) make sure that when we finish vacuuming the pool/spa, they are clean; and (3) make sure that the chemistry of the water is properly balanced. As part of the weekly servicing, we also empty and clean skimmer baskets, empty pump baskets, backwash, clean and re-charge filters, depending on the type of filter, adjust the return heads, test fire the heater, if applicable, check for leaks by the pool/spa equipment, make sure the equipment is running properly, treat for algae and/or phosphates, if present, etc. etc.

We take great pride in what we do when we service your pool/spa. We write down what we do each week, what chemicals we use, and in what quantities, and we identify if there are any problems that need further attention. By doing this, we can identify patterns and make changes or recommendations to you on how we can improve your pool or spa's performance.

By having the same person service your pool/spa each week, we get to know what your pool/spa's service requirements are. Conversely, if you are at home when the weekly service is performed, you can discuss any concerns that you may have with a knowledgeable technician. You can also call the office at any time and get your questions answered.